Bre Pettis

CEO, MakerBot Industries
Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Bre


I make things that make things. At MakerBot Industries, my company, we make machines that give creative people the superpower to make anything.

I also started Thingiverse so that people could share digital designs in such a way that others can build on them.

I started NYCResistor, a hackerspace in NYC, with the smartest people in the city and we share a clubhouse filled with tools like lasercutters.

I was a teacher for a long time teaching small and medium sized students. I failed at being a working artist.

TED Conference


An idea worth spreading

I want my daughter to grow up in a world where it's normal for people to share their inventions so that others can modify and collaborate to improve on them.

I'm passionate about

Manufacturing, Innovation, Open Source Hardware, and Sharing.

Talk to me about

The bright future.

People don't know I'm good at

Playing the banjo, clawhammer style.