Steven Cnudde

Breathing Voice coach, Levenswonder
Gentbrugge, Belgium

About Steven


Happy child wanting to bring happiness to every other human.
Teenager who wanted solutions for the big life problems. Coping with challenges at home: bringing my father to psychiatry and my mother being alcoholic. Burying my father when I was 19 and my mom when I was 28.
Math teacher who wanted to question education in essence, bringing youth what they really need.
Breathing voice-coach since 2006. Amazed by the transformational power of breath and voice in a human mind/body/energy.
Co-creator of organisations who want to implement or help arise the potential of humanity. (sudbury school, music school, health center, aikido-trainingcenter...)
Author of 'Elidora ontwaakt uit haar droom', a present for my niece at her 12th birthday, in which I gathered all the experience of my own journey and presented it in a story for teenagers.

An idea worth spreading

The transformational power of breath and voice to a human mind/body/energy.
I have been through profound transformation myself through this method, from being anxious timide, low-energy and introvert, to more health and energy, realistic self-confidence, getting peace with my past (burying father, mother, grandfather,psychiatric father, alcoholic mom etc) through re-connecting with life itself by breathing more profound (vertical) and getting in touch with my unique sound/frequency.
Knowing how the body breathes and using the voice from your center, creates a source of energy while you do daily actions.
I have experienced people youthing after a 3-day seminar, gaining more volume in sound, more inner peace, the natural strength of the back returns progressively, the inner state of mind turns back to balance, the creative source revitalises, depression fades away,...

I'm passionate about

the power of breath and voice to transform a human body/mind/energy
co-creating new atmospheres where the potential of people can arise

Comments & conversations

Steven Cnudde
Posted almost 4 years ago
We can learn by exchanging and discussing our own lists of "10 Things I Know to be True."
the past months I have been exploring the 5 elements (earth, metal, water, wood, fire) and my experience is it is for quite some people easy to understand what their blind element(s) is/are metal = structure, managing, tradition wood = coaching, growth, direction earth = self realisation, materialisation water = life-force, vitality, rest fire = communication, transformation, relations (man - woman) gave me much insight to sdiscover my blind spot was metal (and fire) and I began to understand my whole life and that of my surroundings ;) perhaps this is usefull to someone here