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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Christopher Juel Bendtsen
Posted over 3 years ago
How will the revolutions change the middle east?
Hi Tarek, First of all I'd like to commemorate the brave people standing up for their rights and their freedom in the middle-eastern countries. I write from a nation that has been free from the day I was born so I don't know what it's like not to be free, and I don't wish to seem like I do. But here goes: Most revolutions instigated by "the people" (thats ordinary folk like you and me) are in essens a good thing because they come from a righteous place. Why would anyone want to endure suffering for something they didn't really want to change? They wouldn't! With the regimes in Eqypt and Libya overthrown a significant opportunity arises for fundamental change. However change can happen in two distinctly different ways. I see the situation in Libya (and somewhat also in Egypt) as still being precarious. The overthrowing of one tyrant may lead to the swarming of yet more power-hungry and greedy candidates. It's up to the people of Egypt and Libya to ensure that democracy and freedom will prevail for change to be certain. The removal of a cancerous tumor does not mean the end of hardship. It is a long and painful struggle and will more easily be won over if the people of said countries remain steadfast and stand together.