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Brisbane / Qld/ Australia, Australia

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I am a mature age student studying IT and Computer gaming technologies. I have worked in customer service and media and love people.

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Everything we experience - we feel
Where we place our attention - is where the energy goes
There is not one thing we can do alone - we need each other

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Consciousness, Physics, Space travel,writing and sustainability.

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Kat curd
Posted almost 2 years ago
Could solar power utilize the external walls and roof to collect the heat needed to generate the power for that building or cars?
Thank you so much for your reply. I am amazed that the heat in a car is so limited in its capacity to create energy. I have so much to learn about this subject so thank you for filling me in. If there was a way to extract the heat from walls and pavements would that be enough energy? Interesting idea to skip the electricity stage perhaps there is some merit to that if we could find a way to enable the energy to go directly to its required tasks.