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Toronto, Canada

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Visual Arts Teacher in Ontario, Canada. Multimedia & Graphic Design background with large corporations. Practising artist. Mother of two. Humanster.

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Art, Photography, Education, Media.

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Natasha Tolub
Posted over 3 years ago
Why is visual literacy discouraged in most cultures & WHAT CAN WE DO to change that?
Visual Literacy in children in innate for most. Did you see a 3 year old playing with an iPhone and iPad? I am an artist, a visual multimedia designer and a teacher. Been surrounded by technology for many years and played a role in numerous visual design projects for large companies. I cannot compare the speed with which they can "read" a visual interface with my own. We are looking at a whole new generation of visually literate human beings. As teachers we should push this angle in our curriculums and practices. As parents, need to take matter into our own hands and stimulate it, endorse it, while the system is catching up. (oh so slowly )... After this session I am hoping to get an insight as to what can be done to promote visual literacy. Will there be a recap?