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Houston, TX, United States

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Rain Fingerhut
Posted almost 4 years ago
Why is visual literacy discouraged in most cultures & WHAT CAN WE DO to change that?
It's silly because we are becoming a visual learning culture. With the introduction of phones, computers, tv, and technology, our form of learning is being steered more towards visual information processing, as well as auditory. But the visual representation has to be intact first for most people to even be receptive. People aren't whispering at the dinner table anymore, or passing notes. No, they are sending texts and videos and images to one another. The education system is snub-nosed and arrogant, out-dated and slow to recognize incoming trends, and they are failing us. More concerned with their unions and political prioritization than the actual quality of the education they are giving our children. And, because of their out-dated methods, they are not giving two-thirds of our children a chance. How dare they tell our children to get with it when it is them that are failing to recognize the innate capacities these children have to learn in today's day in age. Their lack of receptiveness makes me sad, and it makes me sick. Without giving these children opportunities for alternative method problem solving and information portrayal, you are giving them and our nation nothing for the progress of tomorrow.