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Jeffrey Eyestone
Posted over 3 years ago
Im searching for people to organize a TEDx in NYC and in cities worldwide focusing on peace and attaining a permanent cease fire on 9/21/12.
Hi Michelle - I am the founder of Peace Football Club, an organization designed to promote peace through soccer - and a lot more. We have innovative content (a unique, educational and entertaining survey - as well as photos and video eventually - as well as Peace FC Peace Prizes coming soon), community development capabilities, and campaigns that will promote our cause. I am also aware of Peace One Day and have spoken with the organization about their One Day One Goal efforts in the past. We played soccer this past 9/21 and plan a celebratory game on 9/21/2012 - but we are open to helping promote more on the next International Peace Day. Please let me know if we can be a part of your plans. Learn more at Thank you, Jeff Eyestone