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Crowborough, United Kingdom

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Richard Woodruff
Posted almost 4 years ago
How can I motivate myself to work?
Firstly THANK YOU! so so much, all of you! I really do appreciate your help, and hopefully you will all get some satisfaction knowing that you have potentially helped me change and will possibly curve my future for the postive, I've follow Christopher Scheidler's advice and got my first 10 minutes done!, Turning all distractions off is a good idea and also just knuckling down and trying as hard as you can, Jedrek Stepien,"I was mad at myself and I thought that there is something wrong with me" I keep feeling this way! I'm glad that it's not just me being crazy and that there is hope to get over it! Thank you for the help. Bob Shingles, I like the thought that if i started to pay for more of my own things I'd feel a greater urge to work hard, I already have a job at a nearby 'Waitrose' this is why i said I didn't want to be a shelf stacker my whole life! thank you for the input though and will take it on board and start chipping in for various bits around the house, certain bills! sure will make mother happy! Jake Williams, thank you and I accept the 30 day challenge! Linda Hesthag Ellwein, thank you for your honest and heartfelt answer! It really makes me feel like part of a community even though I've only just created an account, I love TED talks, they are one of the few things that really inspire me! will watch the video's you've suggested, The Steve Jobs talk at Stanford university was a big motivator, and also the Three A's of awesome by simon sinek was amazing! if you're interested!! Once again thankyou all for your input! Will report back on my progress over the next couple of days! hope to keep in touch! Richard Woodruff