Linh Dao

Research Assistant
Hanoi, Vietnam

About Linh


I am a junior concentrating in Development Studies & Education Studies at Brown University. I have lived in Vietnam, India and now the United States. I speak 4 different languages. For the first 10 years of my life, I thought I would grow up being a violinist (like my father and grandfather). At Brown, I'm doing a research with Professor Jin Li from Education Department on Child Development: looking at the difference in learning styles and socialization process between children of Chinese Immigrants and European American parents. I volunteer for different elementary schools in Providence and believe that American education could improve much more from its current stand. I hope to be able to come back to Vietnam eventually and work with children and for children


English, Spanish, Vietnamese

Areas of Expertise

Children , Vietnamese Community, developemental education, Education & Development, Language & Communication

An idea worth spreading

Take time to smile each day, look at the sky, breathe, and enjoy the pure pleasantness of living.

I'm passionate about

Child Development, Language Acquisition, Music, Nature, Zen, Love.

Talk to me about

anything. I'm a more than eager learner, and a patient listener. Talk to me about love.

People don't know I'm good at

Intense focus and concentration. Once I decided to focus on something, nothing else can distract me

My TED story

I was first exposed to Ted by a very good friend, Hand Nguyen - Standford '13 who I can see to be a promising social entrepreneur and a very inspiring person herself. Ever since then, I have constantly tried to watch as many Ted Talks as I can. I'm incredibly inspired by some of the ideas and determined to share them with others.