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London based Michael Doiley, is a busy Life-Coach and author. His first book End the Hibernation is due for release on the bridge of 2011-2012. He's just opened a small office for one-on-one coaching sessions in Crystal Palace, London. Michael has been coaching/counselling for 20 years but is just as well known on the social scene as a celebrity DJ/producer/composer-songwriter. His first completely independent release, Your Time Starts Right Now, due for release early 2012. As a DJ his audience has included Prince Albert of Monaco, Martin Scorsesee, Will.i. Am, Victoria Beckham, Gordon Ramsey, Sting, Kylie Minogue, Pamela Anderson, Russell Crowe, The BAFTA Awards, MTV, Fashion TV and more.

Areas of Expertise

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, composer, song-writer, DJ,

An idea worth spreading

There is no death, there is only change.

I'm passionate about

I'm passionate about: Guiding others to their maximum potential.

Talk to me about

Empowerment, success through adversity and success in general. Talk to me about thinking outside the norm and alternative perspectives on stereo-typed situations.

People don't know I'm good at

Mediating, Public-Speaking, getting others to open-up, calming people down and raising the optimism level of the whole town.

My TED story

Please see any of my articles at www.thebestpossibleyou.com In particular I have challenged the idea of what Sexual Energy is supposed to be used for and recently after the death of Steve Jobs, I wrote What Is Death?

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Michael Doiley
Posted over 3 years ago
Have you experienced and overcome a writer's block? Share some tips that worked.
Hi Bulbul, in a similar vein to what Linda said, when I have a block, what works for me is not to solely concentrate on the 'project' but instead write about anything that spontaneously takes my fancy. A diary entry, a blog, a poem, a joke, an email, a text message or even other loose 'ideas' I may have floating around my brain. Perhaps there is a block because you are 'forcing' an idea to the front of the queue when other ideas are tryinging to come out at the same time, causing congestion at the exit point. You might even need an extra note-pad for jotting down random thoughts that you can get back to later. This may help with your flow and always give you something to work with. Keep well, Michael.