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Michael Xu
Posted over 3 years ago
How do you feel about the responsibility of the government towards the young people (18-25) regarding the economic and financial crisis?
Revolution from who? Gen Z is still too young to fully understand what's going on, at best they can be script kiddies for Anonymous. A fraction of Gen Y is expressing itself in protests and discontent, the rest of them are either ignorant of the world around them or too apathetic to try and do anything. Gen X is fighting to keep things stable while they find a place for them in an ever tumultuous society. The baby boomers grew up in the years where they feared revolution, they saw what happened in Eastern Europe and Latin America, the Asian nations saw what revolution did for China. This is our parents' generation, they hold the biggest power, and they want no part in a revolution. No, without something grand or earthshattering there will be no revolution.