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Mumbai, India

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Jeeth Monteiro
Posted over 2 years ago
What do you think about the term "fitting in" at school, work, or an outing somewhere?
I think the term "fitting in" exists more in an organizational sense than any other. If an organization exists toward satisfying a certain goal, then it is very much their right to see that only "certain" type of people be allowed to be a part of their "business", anything outside seems counter-productive. So, how does this approach pan out in the education world ?? Well, unlike the industrial world, students are not expected to churn out "outputs" and the focus should be on learning. Instead, what we see is that modern education does treat students like employees in the sense that they should produce output for the school in terms of grades, achievements etc if this situation is understood, then it automatically follows that students must learn to behave in a certain way that could be mutually beneficial and by extension learn to "fit in ".....