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With a background in Landscape Architecture and conservation management, this self taught vegan chef has worked in various ‘kitchens’ in Amsterdam, New York and London for the last 20 years. I've cook and planned everything from themed ‘extravaganza’ feasts for two hundred people to intimate meals for two. I’m well versed in a variety of approaches. My specialization in medieval food has won many hearts, at least in part due to the uniqueness of my approach.

An environmentalist from a young age; pond creation, planting woods, breeding native frogs... that and animal sanctuary from factory farming, been there, done that. Coming out as gay (then Queer) and squatting in Europe. Helped start Queeruption Anacho-DIY gatherings and Queer Pagan Camp in 1998 and still ongoing. activist in gay rights and social justice. set up food kitchens/community gardens in New York (food not bombs) Amsterdam and London. Involved in more social change initiatives than i feel like listing; most recent ones are transition towns, food hubs (Organic Lea, Bonnington cafe, Fareshares) and Incredible Edible Lambeth, Tasting the Future and Paradise Project.

I manage presentations, talks, consultation and workshops for small groups and a variety of organisations. My focus is directed towards unique methods of communication; presenting novel ideas in good food, grow-your-own and sustainability, this is about empowering the individual and community.

As part of my ethos I continue to devote a large part of my life to developing and building local community networks. This means being extensively involved in resident let politics and maintaining a commitment to green initiatives; indeed I see it as vital that my stakehold in society means I participate fully.

In all my work, as in life, my ultimate goal is to "aspire to inspire"; with good intent and a happy heart.



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“A revolution in our relationship with food is the basis for a revolution in our relationships with each other and our connection with the planet.”

create food hubs: Place or places where individuals, groups and communities are empowered and encouraged to take control of their food production, distribution and consumption. Network: Forms of communication that support food hubs, independent food growers, producers and consumers within the wider community.

This means: Communication and Connection: Sustainable food, community building and civic engagement; recognising the value of shared commons. A viable movement that builds on and can be shared with other changemakers. Part of a greater web of inspiration that nurtures all. Celebrating creativity and innovation. Promoting a healthy start to life and a cycle of life that is based on respect, education and example. The next Green Revolution to feed the planet must be a local and human scale one, led by all as citizens of the pl

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food, growing, activism, creativity, art, community, social justice, sustainability, paganism, helathy planet, wildlife protection, alternatives.

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just found ted through friends, never been to a talk but watch many a video! often inspired and think its an awesome way to communicate!

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draeyk van der horn
Posted almost 2 years ago
Heribert Watzke: The brain in your gut
why did this talk end suddenly? was really interesting then an advert cut it! this is rubbish! i had to go back and reload... not sure what TED is up to with sponsorship! i think its an important discussion and like the question we are left with!
draeyk van der horn
Posted almost 3 years ago
Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment
The idea of open source is fantastic and i wholeheartedly agree that we need to stop big coorps taking over patents. This is just one of an evolving mass of ideas around food production and having read some of the below comments its sad to see how easy it is to call this a hobby, as if a "hobby" was such a bad idea anyway? the idea of growing goes beyond the mere production of crops. The psychological impacts are immense and should not be underestimated, also no matter how "little" is produced in some of these scenarios, the vitality of plants eaten whilst "alive", should not be underestimated. This is far removed from the weeks old "fresh" food we often eat! so i applaud and support these innovations and can see only a realm of possibilities and life giving potentials for us all!
draeyk van der horn
Posted almost 3 years ago
Is being gay a choice, or genetic make up?
I dont see any evidence of choice,try on queer for size? in modern studies its been used as a way of transcending terminologies... what is gay, straight, trans, male, female, intersex... evidence has suggested there are five sex's so that kind of alters the terms of the question somewhat!