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Currently working as an educational media designer at the Higher Education Development Centre, University of Otago, NZ. I develop and design educational applications, run workshops and do consultations relating to design and its role in teaching and learning. Graduated from the European institute of design (IED), Milan, Italy. Have a 10 year experience as a freelancer focusing mainly on branding, including promotions for "adidas", MOTOROLA & "ebay" on mobile platforms.


English, Hebrew, Italian

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Design, Design - Graphic, Communication - digital & multimedia , Education & Trainin

An idea worth spreading

What I find beautiful about the process of design is that there is no "right answer". There is no "one solution" and you don't know what you're getting yourself into until you get there. A concept, that for many may be frightening. However, as a designer, I find that ambiguity is what puts the spark in my eyes. It's a challenge, a mystery, and above all - an opportunity to find creative solutions.
When I thought to myself what is it that I would like to do in my life, I realized that what I enjoy most is finding complex webs of needs and "realities" and finding a ray of light that could shine through them. That to me is the essence of design.
The world is full of complexities and is hungry for creative solutions. I see educators as having the responsibility of equipping students with the tools to handle these complexities and find solutions for a better future. The creative process, embraced and taught by teachers, seems to be one tool that can help accomplish that.

I'm passionate about

The relationship between design and education. In particular, creative processes and their implications across disciplines in the 21st century.

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Anything, and especially about design, education and technology. I'm intrigued by their impact on one another and am interested in hearing more about them.

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Ayelet Lazarovitch
Posted almost 4 years ago
What place does creativity have in education?
There seems to be a conflict of interests that is preventing creativity from getting its well deserved place in education. We want students to learn, but we also need to get evidence of their learning so they can get their degree. I agree with what was said by Cleo earlier: "by focusing on the quantifiable, we form an education system that ignores the qualities that make for success". I believe that a teacher's job is to provide the platform from which students can learn. A teacher should stimulate, create thoughtful and appropriate scaffolding for students and invite students to take part in the learning process. If there was no need to "quantify" students' learning, and to demonstrate that they are worthy of a degree, we could have created wonderful platforms and allow students to learn as much as they want from it. I believe this would have also made students less passive and take charge of their learning (that is, since they would have come to Uni to learn instead of to in order to earn a degree). One of the most wonderful things about creativity is that there is no limit to it - as there is no one correct answer. The easiest way to give grades - is to ask questions that have one answer (which creates a limit). Therefore, unless a big change in the educational-system's assessment methods will be made, I can't see creativity getting into the curriculum. Any ideas for how could we assess creativity on a large scale (for example a class of 200 students)?