Jessica Mashael Bordelon AlMisbah

Networking and Idea Coach (Marketing), Project Sound
Lafayette, LA, United States

About Jessica Mashael


B.S. Psychology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA, 2004

ESL Instructor, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2008 – present
- English instruction from basic to advanced for international students wanting to attend the university

Administrative Team, Project Sound, 2010 to present
- Created and instructed creative writing and performance instruction
- Co-organized performances following instruction at the following events: Festival International, Art Expo at Acadiana Center for the Arts, and South Regional Library

Secretary and Performer, Revolution Theory, 2010 to present
- Organize event calendar and maintain public relations.
- Manage intra-team communications.
- Event planning (ex: Valentine’s Day feature at Cite des Arts)

Co-instructor, Lafayette Public Library, 2010 to present
- Encouraged creativity through creative writing exercises to practice writing skills and appreciation for literature
- Exercises teaching how to translate original work and classic literature into visual art and/or performance art.

Guest Instructor and speaker, Junior Achievement, 2010
- Organized event layout and instruction
- Delivered a powerful message about taking action and planning for successful futures to teens at Boys & Girls Club Jackie Unit

Instructor, Volunteers of America, 2007 – 2008
- Primarily instructed students in English and History
- Studied and designed methods to use art and interactive exercises to enhance the appreciation and retention of information
Team member/Volunteer, UL Lafayette Americorps, 2002 – 2004
- Organized service events in partnership with United Way, Acadiana Outreach, Red Cross and Lafayette Housing Authority
- Incorporated arts and interactive lessons in a tutoring situation to enhance understanding of school assignmetns.
- Designed the UL Americorps newsletter



An idea worth spreading

The greatest idea I can share is to remember the world has always been a place mixed with chaos and beauty. Our power and peace are not controlled by the chaos They can never be taken away without our permission.

and Second,
Art is a way of life. If you live art, you will find strength and joy in every day you are blessed with. I don't mean that you have to paint or sculpt or write daily. Instead, bring creativity into simple actions, like draw in the dust or rocks while waiting for a bus, or when eating mac & cheese with your family get everyone to make faces on their plate with some of the macaroni,
or when stuck in traffic with a screaming 4 year old become story tellers and tell each other fairy tales that you make up on the spot.
These are just a few ways to live a life of art.

I'm passionate about

using all that we have in the present to uplift our future.

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Hannah Fry: The mathematics of love
This is really interesting though, because if I had followed this math, I would have married the right man. :-) Years passed and we found our way together again, but all those years we lost all because he lived 2 hours away from me. Per the math, 22 years was the 37% mark, and funny thing is ... I met him at 23
Jessica Mashael Bordelon AlMisbah
Posted about 2 months ago
Hans and Ola Rosling: How not to be ignorant about the world
Here's what I feel is missing from the presentation: It implies that the bulk of wealth is distributed evenly, when truth is, there is consistent disparity. While a larger number of people in the world are able to afford the basics of life, the wealthiest among us have an absurd amount of income. In many so-called "first world" nations, the wealthy billionaires amass wealth, leaving the rest to suffer economically, and while we have food to eat each day, the hopelessness is apparent, when we are not afforded the same opportunities for advancement, and when any financial emergency that arises has the ability to derail our livelihoods. In other words, the data shows that those in the most destitute of situations are improving and that is wonderful, yet the wealthy are continually hording more and more wealth, leaving so many of us more and more in positions of servitude and dependence upon them for our survival.
Jessica Mashael Bordelon AlMisbah
Posted over 3 years ago
What place does creativity have in education?
I agree. One thing is that to make an instituational change at any school board will require parents and teachers unifying. Educators and teachers working together to bring the Arts into the classroom. Tapping into resources such as "Art In Action" for ideas as well as possible curriculum additives. In the meantime, how can a parent or teacher or student bring in creativity? Parents can add this at home. For example: For a history exam, ask the child discussion style questions. If you can't come up with your own, google search related topics and interview each other. For time tables, let the child draw out the problems and answers with chalk on the sidewalk or with window chalk on the bathroom window. For an english lesson on subjects and predicates, do a verbal exercise. 1st person says a subject, and 2nd person says a simple predicate. Then 2nd person repeats the subject and the 1st person says a more complex predicte. Teachers can incorporate this easily into their curriculums weekly. It just takes a little creativity. For a history lesson, have the students make pictures of the events discussed in that chapter, and then tape them to a time line in the order the occurred. Then they can write the date next to each picture. They can then go further and analyze something by explaining to a small group or to the whole class what they would have done if they faced one of these events in history for mulitiplcation have the kids make up a song and even add in a little drum tapping on the desk as they sing out their time tables. The options are endless. These are things that can be done by individuals whether or not they get the support of the administration because it reinforces the existing curriculum, but allows for young minds to develop those critical thinking skills.
Jessica Mashael Bordelon AlMisbah
Posted over 3 years ago
What is the most popular festival/carnival in your town or country ?
Festivale Internationale is the most popular in my city and is among the most popular in our state. I live in Lafayette, LA. This is a festival that celebrates the rich variety in cultures of our local area by bringing in people from all over the world with music, dance, food, and art. For more info visit: or on Facebook at:
Jessica Mashael Bordelon AlMisbah
Posted over 3 years ago
What place does creativity have in education?
It truly depends on the community. I have lived in communities that as a whole insisted on having creativity encouraged, and in others where creativity was neglected. The federal government decides on the amount of funding given to states for education, but in general they make no decisions on what is actually taught. therefore, it depends on the local authorities and parents what will be focused on in the classroom. Our states are where curriculum decisions are made. I am guessing that you unfortunately live in a state or county/parish that neglects creativity in general. I am in Louisiana, and before this year our state focused very heavily on the LEAP exams. Parents and teachers fought against "teaching to the exam" because it was obvious this was not leading toward success. And now changes have been made. So there is your answer, in my opinion, it is up to the states and local school boards to decide what is to be taught in the classroom. Direct your fight there.
Jessica Mashael Bordelon AlMisbah
Posted over 3 years ago
We can learn by exchanging and discussing our own lists of "10 Things I Know to be True."
Last spring we used this as a topic for a writing project with teens. An amazing topic for getting kids to grow an appreciation for their own thoughts and to feel empowered when they can connect over these things they all find to be true. 10 things I know to be true: 1. Picasso was right... all children are artists, the challenge is remaining one. 2. Art is a beautiful way of life. 3. Coffee and wine are amazing agents of communication. 4. People are usually much more brilliant than they actually realize or are willing to admit. 5. Our lives are a combination of connections. 6. Life is never about how much you can own, but instead it's about how much joy you found and created. (the ancient Egyptians got that one right.) 7. There are more reasons to smile in life than there are to cry. 8. Tears are the body's way of clearing out the build up of intense emotion, and ART is the spirit's way of doing the same. 9. Imagination is made into reality by our actions, therefore, there is NO impossiblity. 10. The 10th truth is always the hardest one to decide on. :-)