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Bradley Johnson
Posted almost 3 years ago
A national bottle deposit of ten cents per container
David, A discussion of the issues you wish to resolve with this policy suggestion might be the best place to start. I see a few that look like they are on your list. 1. Poverty 2. Waste/Trash Management You've explained on way each of these issues would be effected positively in your idea. By providing further incentive for the recycling of these bottles, the "Poor" would have a larger opportunity to collect and redeem the recyclables. Second, the further incentive for recycling the materials by assigning greater value to the materials. Next, I would suggest a discussion of unintended consequences. You have started this discussion by highlighting two "losers" in the policy. I would disagree with your position that this is a method of redistributing wealth from businesses to the poor. If this were true, then areas with a deposit would be examples of that effect. In areas of the country without deposits, recycling is high. And, it is highly impractical for the "poor" to go house to house looking for these recyclables. One other "loser" you might list are the organizations that conduct perpetual can recycling drives. This is quite common in the Twin-Cities area of Minneapolis. There are trailers parked around the metro where cans are collected and used to fund groups like Boy Scouts, local youth sport programs, and other non-profit organizations. I applaud your desire to help solve the two issues highlighted above, and I think you are on track for finding a creative solution, but I might suggest shaping it in such a way that there are not built in losers as you put it, but a positive incentive for people to voluntarily participate. Best Regards, bjohnsonmn