Elena Rosa Brown

Researcher, Centre for Mental Health
Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Children , psychology, Research - qualitative and quantitative , Translational research, Evaluation and research, Eduation, Policy, Psychometrics, Think Tank

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Elena Rosa Brown
Posted over 3 years ago
What is the future of healthcare? How can it become health care vs sickness treatment? What role do technology and innovation play?
I can't comment on US health policy, but I know the UK needs to acknowledge that evidence based practices need to be implmented correctly to be effective. We have NICE guidence (recommending best practice) and these focus on promoting cost-effective, evidence-based practice. However, implementation is a key part of health services. The best evidence-based programme in the world will not work if you have the wrong dosage or if offered in the wrong setting. This is particularily true of mental health, where good implementation is too often sidelined in favour of cost-savings.