Chris Fernlund

Student , Trent Oshawa Student Association
Whitby Ontario, Canada

About Chris


Chris was born in Ontario, Canada. A graduate of Durham College, he is currently in his undergraduate at Trent University pursuing a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Cognitive Science and International Development. Chris has a passion for life and spends his free time backpacking and gallivanting around the world. Throughout his educational career, Chris has spent his available time backpacking South America, the Caribbean, and Europe and is in the planning process of organizing a trip to Africa in the upcoming year.

Chris is currently working for the Trent Oshawa Student Association as VP of University Affairs. He became involved with TOSA after creating the Trent Oshawa Psychology Association and hosting a number of events advocating a medium of communication between employers, academics and students. His current role as VP of University Affairs involves representing all Trent University Oshawa students, advocating for TOSA on the OUSA Steering Committee, working closely with the Manager of Student Affairs to ensure student satisfaction, sitting as a voting member of the Trent University Senate and advocating in the local and university committees. After graduation, Chris plans to spend a period of time working overseas as a humanitarian worker to gather practical cultural knowledge to advance his future career. Following this ambition, he is expecting to enter graduate school and pursue an educational stream focused on Human Behaviour and International Development.