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TED Translator, Pharmacy Technician
Edmonton, Canada

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Zeinab E
Posted over 2 years ago
Renny Gleeson: Our antisocial phone tricks
I personally feel the more I use my phone the least I'm productive. But since I started my "a week without social networking," I felt that I'm getting more things accomplished with my life (chores, projects, connecting with family and friends, etc.)
Zeinab E
Posted over 3 years ago
Improv Everywhere: Gotta share!
I saw this girl once walking in the street. I knew what her name was, what school she went to, and I also knew she had a sister, all thanks to Facebook, because she was a friend of my friend. It was a bit too weird and creepy, so I decided that I'm not posting any pictures of myself on Facebook, and my account is now strictly private.