Matthew Crudgington

Director, Alumni and Career Services, Ecole hoteliere de lausanne

About Matthew


As Director, Alumni Relations & Career Services, Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne, my role is to oversee the world-wide university alumni network, in terms of events, chapter meetings and by bringing serious value adding products and services to the table.

I also ensure that the school remains the talent provider of choice and continue to work with top employers providing varied and fulfilling opportunities and am responsible for providing top class counseling, tools and events for stakeholders and to create relevant personal and professional networking opportunities.

Previous activities:

2) Human Resources Advisor, Temenos Headquarters, December 2006 – February 2010

This was a diverse and interesting role within a fast paced environment where I worked closely with Group HR Director at the global level and over see regional HR initiatives. I aligned HR strategy (employee satisfaction, incentives and succession planning) with core business strategy and regularly monitor and report on all HR Key Performance Indicators.

3) Travel & Purchasing Manager, Temenos Headquarters, September 2004 – December 2006

In summary my main tasks were sourcing and negotiating advantageous contracts for corporate transport and hotel accounts internationally and managing and training regional travel coordinators in travel booking, using reporting system and contract negotiation.

4) Account Manager, Marcus Evans, December 2002 – June 2003

During my gap year spent in Barcelona, I joined Marcus Evans for a temporary mission where in summary, I researched and evaluated companies needs and matched these to business intelligence products and summits and developed and delivered full sales strategies.

5) Club Manager, Holmes Place, October 2000 – May 2002

Following the promotion to Club Manager, I had responsibility for the effective running of the Geneva club.

Here, I managed a multi-unit health and wellness club (gym, restaurant and lounge, beauty and wellness centre, and crèche) as well as created and implemented effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies for the growth of the business.

I was responsible for 50+ staff, including the recruitment, personal development and performance evaluation.

6) Duty Manager and Corporate Manager, Holmes Place, July 1999 – October 2000

Based at the Geneva club I marketed and negotiated membership packages with individuals and international corporations and trained service teams focusing on building customer relations, prospect follow-up and PR events.


English, French, German, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Networking, Hospitality Management & Education

An idea worth spreading

Here's a thought. Sometimes, I walk through school or through town and I decide to look every person I cross in the eye and with a smile I say "bonjour" (we live in a French speaking place you see).

This genuine action generally gets met with a smile back and a nod or a "bonjour". Whatever the response, I have engaged with somebody and this person has acknowledged me and given me a positive stroke. I find this a very uplifting experience and every human being needs positive strokes and to be uplifting; we're human after all. Imagine if more people genuinely did this;could this be a virtuous cycle?

I'm passionate about

My family; making them smile at least once a day. Great customer service; feels good.

Talk to me about

Turning clients into guests, Strengths Finder; Football (the English version); Child psychology

People don't know I'm good at

Linking people; Identifying individual strengths; Adapting my behavior to my audience; Taking free kicks; Arranging spaces; Master of ceremonies; Videoing and interviewing at friends weddings

Favorite talks