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Mohamed NadyAbd El aziz El -neairy5A, Mansour St. Helwan, Cairo, Egypt Mobile: +0122 616 01226163539 , + 0100 389 5 303
Telephone: 002-2 555 23 10
E-mail: eng.m7mdnady@gmail.com
Career Objective
Seeking a responsible job with an opportunity for professional challenges in order to reach Self-realization Consequently, achieving not only my visions but also the company visions besides, being up to date with the new technologies.
Personal History
Full name: Mohamed Nady Abd El-aziz Abd El-azim Moawad El-neairy
Gender: male
Date of birth: 10/12/1989 Age: 21
Current nationality: Egyptian National ID №: 28912102303452 Marital status: single № of children: null
Military service: postponed Religion: Muslim
Educational History
2007 to Present: Helwan University, Faculty of Engineering.
Communications, electronics & programming department, Networks and electronics branch.
o Average grade: Good
2006 – 2007: Egyptian general secondary certificate, Salah Salem secondary school batch 2007.
 Cisco certified network associate “CCNA” successfully attended –held by CTC center “communication technology citadel”.
 Java course held by information technology center, faculty of engineering, Cairo University.
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 Trainee in telecom Egypt:
 Duration: 3 weeks
- One week Training Sector, Nasr city.
- Two weeks training in Ramses Exchange
 Training Programs:
- The International Exchange PSTN (Public Service Telephone Network)
- NGN network (Next Generation Network)- IP Network
 Trainee in Egyptian Ministry of electricity & energy:
EETC (Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company) - NTC (Network Training Center-South Cairo).
 Training programs:
- Communication system and control
o The use of optical-fiber cables in communication.
o Control PLC and PLC applications
o Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy system Instant PDH
o Synchronous Digital Hierarchy systems Instant SDH
o Digital Electronics.
o PABX Central
 Trainee in ERTU Maspero building -Engineering Training Sector- :
 Duration: two weeks
 Venues:
- Masbero studios.
- Radio and Television Transmission stations.
Specially: (Abu Zaabal and Moqatam stations)
 One month Training in Helwan University Faculty of Engineering
Workshops and Labs.
 Training venues:
- Communications workshops
- Power workshops
- Mechanics workshops
- Communications labs.
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 Language skills:
 Arabic: Mother tongue.
 English: Very good command of written and spoken English
 French: Fair
 Computer skills:
 MS PowerPoint skills, MS Word skills, MS excel skills and most of the widely used computer.
 Driving computer system, MS windows system skills.
 Searching the web & Internet skills.
 Other Skills:
 Excellent Leadership, Team working and Presentation skills
 Lecturer skills & work under pressure skills
 Self-learning and E-Learning
 VFX designer: good command of using Adobe After Effects CS5,CS4,CS3
 Social media networks : Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Extracurricular activities
 Founder of BOKRA student activity in Helwan University, Faculty of Engineering
Feb 2, 2011
 President of High Board of BOKRA`11/`12 student activity Helwan University Faculty of Engineering
 Logistics member/specialist of DIMENTIONS`11 student organization Helwan University Faculty of engineering.
 Joining the COMPANY program offered by INJAZ foundation which is attached to Junior Achievements foundation USA and Participant Egypt’s entrepreneurs competition
 Marketing & Sells manager in Soletrick company –the company program –INJAZ
 Founder of “Martyrs Fulfillment Day” which held in Faculty of Engineering - Helwan University
 President & Main coordinator of “Martyrs Fulfillment Day” Faculty of Engineering - Helwan University
 Membership in ISOC internet society Canada Chapter ,Bahrain Chapter and US New York Chapter
 Scout Leader five years and scout boy for more than 11 years
 Attendant EED & MIE Aug, 2010/11
 Attendee for Start workshop Sep, 2011 which held in The Leadership & Management Development Center, Agouza, Giza, Egypt.
*All the original documents certifying the above mentioned data will be furnished upon request


Arabic, English, French

Areas of Expertise

Engineeing, Marketing & Branding, Administration


Helwan University