Walker Sharpe

Founder, Celestial Ministry
Savannah, GA, United States

About Walker


I was born and raised in Savannah, GA. I currently attend Mercer University in Macon, GA and am studying Computer Engineering. I'm founder of an organization known as Celestial Ministry, which seeks to preach not how to worship Jesus but how to follow what Jesus taught. I believe in a universal approach to God that incorporates all religions and teaches of the Divinity of Man and about our personal relationship with our Creator as expressions of the Living God.



Areas of Expertise

spirituality, Integral Psychotherapy, Integral Theory, Jesus' Teachings, personal development, Meditation, Identity Development, Writing, Thinking Like a Leader, loving life

An idea worth spreading

We are Divine Expressions of infinite Intelligence, Abundance, and Love.

I'm passionate about

Awakening others to the Light within their Souls


Mercer University

Talk to me about

Anything. Personal relationships are welcome.

People don't know I'm good at

Anything I put my mind to.

My TED story

I just dig this website. It's a great community of people who have reached the developmental stage where they want to think for themselves and I'm eager to reach out and make an impact within a community of such treasured souls.

Comments & conversations

Walker Sharpe
Posted almost 4 years ago
Money doesn't exist, not really.
Saying money does not exist is a good way to generate initial shock value and drive in a new idea, though I think you would be better off communicating "Money is merely the physical manifestation of an internalized phenomena." Essentially, money is a tool. It's an incredibly powerful and socially reinforced tool that we have all been conditioned to accept. In this sense, money is almost the IDEAL tool. How else could people be organized, resources allocated, and timelines coordinated in order to build or construct anything of value? A 10,000,000 dollar office building is essentially worth that much because the complexity of it's design. Complex designs generally tend to cost more, and this makes sense as they are harder to create. Money in this sense in an excellent tool in creating complex designs. The issue you are truly addressing here is that some humans take this immensely powerful tool and use it for selfish ends. Here I raise the question: Is the problem with the tool, or with the conscious body whom is using that tool to createl? Essentially, the issue lays in the fact that this tool is being used to create things that are subservient only to a single individual at the great expense of others. This is a twisted perception of the Godmind in all men and women, and a misuse of the limitless potential that lays within us all. The only corrective measure lays in addressed how humanity uses it's internal creative power. For essentially, there is a tool even greater than Money, and this is the Human Mind. In the wealth of thought and creativity we are all infinitely rich. The problem lies in people's belief in this reality. Money is simply being used as a tool for some Egos within our world to convince us that they are more deserving, more elite, more valuable or more enlightened in ideas. This is the blatant lie! We are all Living Expressions of Divine and infinite potential, the truth of the matter being that we all have the power to change reality.