Carlos Henrique Ralize

Sabesp - Companhia de Saneamento B
São Paulo - Sp, Brazil

About Carlos Henrique


I was born and live in São Paulo, Brazil. I work as an electronics technician in the Water Company of my city (Sabesp). My work involves the project, development and maintenance of automation an control systems.
I'm also a music therapist, but I don't work in this field. I love to travel, reading, swimming, diving and a lot of other things.
Since 2007 I started an activity as storyteller. I tell stories to children in a hospital as a volunteer in Associação Viva e Deixe. I also tell stories in libraries, book stores and cafes.


English, French, Portuguese

Areas of Expertise

Industrial Automation, Electronics, Web - Applications, Storytelling, Singing for fun, MUSIC THERAPY

I'm passionate about

Music, Arts, Science

Talk to me about

Arts, music, entertainment, science, society, volunteering.

My TED story

I knew about TED in 2010 and since then I follow the talks in the website. I have never been in a TED or TEDx event, but I plan to do this as soon as I can. I have registered as a user and translator in the end of 2011.