Derrick McNeill

Teacher - AP Physics, Denver Public Schools
Erie, CO, United States

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I'm a public school teacher, a member of the teachers union, teach in a brick and mortar school and employ flip flop and blended strategies in my classrooms

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Derrick McNeill
Posted over 3 years ago
I believe the right to an education is a basic human right..what can we do to make that a reality?
I think that a couple of things are going on right now that would help this along. Certainly the Khan Academy is a great start, it has some short coming but give it time and it will iron them out. The other thing that is happening is this one computer one village initiative. To leave a device the out that supports the natural curiosity that children have is a wonderful thing. In time this will definitively move some kids out of poverty and isolation and in to the global community, when that happens then they can tell us what we can do to help others like themselves. I really think that they (who every they are) will tell us (who every we are) what to do. I do what i can i have my own website an i get visitors from 40+ different countries