Aaron Heideman

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

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Aaron Heideman
Posted almost 3 years ago
WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.
My idea: Planet Potluck.  "Where social spheres mingle in real life." It will change the context of social networking, and ground the way people interact with their communities. It will break down hierarchies and renew social trust. It will spark a new renaissance and a new romanticism, uniting the modern and post-modern worlds, and it will reinstitute the human body into the social sphere. Planet Potluck is a real-to-life social platform that will engage local communities on every level of humanity through open food-sharing events. There are two ways you can use the platform: 1. Host a potluck. Choose a location. Pick a theme. Meet your neighbors and surrounding community around food. Anyone is invited. It's always free. 2. Attend a potluck. Search by theme or interest (art, music, business, hobbies, neighborhoods, religious beliefs, causes, etc). Bring food or donation if you can. Potential benefits of an open food network: 1. Reduce collective apathy through human connection. 2. End hunger in your community (break the provider/client mentality of inner-city soup kitchens) 2. Find new business prospects. 3. Make new friends or find a date. 4. Renew the physical element of social networking. 5. Change the way you interact with strangers. See eye-to-eye with all of humanity. Accountability: 1. Each potluck attendee is rated by the potluck host. 2. Each potluck host is rated by attendees. 3. No discrimination is allowed except for use of the rating system (all potlucks are open public events). 4. Hosts that are not comfortable inviting strangers into their homes may choose a public place instead. Others may choose to host potlucks in their homes at their discretion. Goal: Communities become stronger and more conscious as social problems get reduced locally, through intentional engagement. Crime goes down in cities, prisons empty out, business gets a new platform for connectivity, and the human spirit gets a renewed sense of trust, all through relationships.