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Washington, NJ, United States

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Aaron Hackett
Posted almost 3 years ago
As a conductor or musician, how do we in practical ways instill this sense of trust and collaboration in young musicians?
As a composer, I work with whole different levels of trust. I trust that the musicians have the competence to perform my music with authority, and they trust that whatever sounds that emerge, were the intentional product of my hard work. I trust the conductor to be capable of understanding the gaps that written music can't communicate. There is no way of knowing that my forte will be the same as his, or that his crescendo will be as dramatic as I had in mind, and yet I trust him to execute this and all other ambiguities with passion and grace. And I have to do this, often without meeting the artists in question. Trust is not something that CAN be taught, only bred by example. My favorite conductor that I've had the opportunity to work with is a high school band director. I was amazed to learn that he never pointed out technical errors to his students, only pointing out that the horns drown out the solo flute, or other acoustic problems the students couldn't possibly be. And in turn, the band responds with some of the most beautiful Holsinger interpretations I've heard.