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Pune, India

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i'm a college student doing my BE from Pune Institute of Computer Technology,Pune. I love adventures. want to keep learning new things my entire life. Want to gain more knowledge and information every second. i'm a LEARNER.... i'm also fun loving. i'm a sports player....i play soccer & hockey & cricket & ping pong & i'm an athlete :) Frankly, i want to get rich as soon as possible without compromising any other aspect of life....yeah...this is me :) -Vishnu Narang


English, Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi

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Informatiion Technology

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> gimme some time...let me do some brain storming on that...will come up with quite a few ideas soon...

I'm passionate about

Riding....i'm a freak when it comes to riding or driving....i love it....also i'm a passionate soccer player.....and yeah i love Technology as well....i hate reading though... :)


Pune University, India

Talk to me about

anything....i love discussing topics related to anything....there is no specific i said i'm a gimme something ...

People don't know I'm good at

managing my work.....with or without help i'll get the job done...atleast i'll try my best to do that...

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vishnu narang
Posted over 3 years ago
When making a decision, should we follow our heart or our mind?
Well @Craig : Completely agree.... Its always thinking form the heart for me... some times both heart and mind think the same thing...that is when sometimes we feel that we thought from mind... but really its always the heart...i try my best to always listen to my heart...its not only got eyes...but mouth as well...sometimes shouts out loud to my mind to do stuff... :) :)
vishnu narang
Posted over 3 years ago
Why did you go to University/College?
recently i saw a documentary "The Triumph of the Nerds" and after seeing that movie i asked myself the same question. i'm into computer engineering and this documentary is all about Bill Gates, IBM, Microsoft, Steve Jobs....etc The question came because i realized to be successful in achieving your dream you dont need college.... they all did it and so can i... the only problem is to achieve something they ask for the degree.... so i am in the college only for the degree... AND not to get my parents mad at me :) they paid for all the education :)
vishnu narang
Posted over 3 years ago
Should there be different religions and castes? Is it time to think big and accept humanity as a religion?
Well sir...that is the whole point....if they use religion as justification why give them the religion in the first place... when a child is born just take him away from all the religion or make him follow all the religions .... that is the only way.... and sir i beg to differ...religion and culture seem to me to be 2 different things... you dont say to anyone that my dance style is better than your style....everyone has a different taste... and even if you say so...nobody minds...they understand that.... but when it comes to religions you cant compare 2 religions....have names for different cultures... you western culture and eastern culture...indian culture...etc... but to have religions is not the idea...