Rose-marie de Lloyd

Wingfield Ensemble, Welsh Concert Orchestra
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

About Rose-marie


Professional cellist. Experienced orchestral manager and arranger. Studied music & maths at Cardiff university. Principal cellist in BBC Training orchestra. member of English National Opera. Freelanced with BBC concert Orchestra, BBC NOW, WNO. Founded and ran the Welsh Sinfonia for 22 years. founded and runs the Wingfield Ensemble. Founded and runs the Welsh Concert Orchestra

Areas of Expertise

Music performer, Music - Arrangement

An idea worth spreading

I firmly believe that conductors should allow musicians to make music with them, sharing their experiences. People also play their best for those whom they respect, especially when they are allowed to breath, not put into a rigid framework.

I'm passionate about

I love to introduce music to those who are unfamiliar with the orchestral rep, popular or otherwise. I'm passionate about people being open and honest. I have no time for "bullshit". I love animals.

People don't know I'm good at

I love DIY - wallpapering, putting cupboards together, repairing things. I'm an artist, albeit rusty at the moment. I used to make my own clothes and intend to do so again.

Comments & conversations

Rose-marie de Lloyd
Posted almost 4 years ago
As a conductor or musician, how do we in practical ways instill this sense of trust and collaboration in young musicians?
I totally agree with Charles Hazewood's "Trusting the Ensemble. In my career I have worked for all types of conductors, and find that the finest performances have ben the result of a sharing of music between the conductor and the musicians. The basis of a a good performance is a caring, and charismatic conductor and a group of first class musicians who enjoy making music together. i played for Charles a few years ago and he brought out the best in everyone. Thank you for voicing my own opinions so aptly.