Zsófia Farsang

Budapest, Hungary

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Zsófia Farsang
Posted almost 3 years ago
homosexual marriage
I love how all hate crimes (and I consider talking against marriage between same-sex couples without providing any real arguement a hate crime) come down to marriage. State and church NEED to be separated in a country that wants to call itself "democratic". Where a religious majority can effectively control the lives of the minorities in any ways, things start to divert into rather dictatoric directions. I don't consider myself religious in any traditional sense, or believe in any god(s), but I do think that people should be able to believe in whatever they want. But of course, they moslty choose to believe in things that don't let others to believe in other things. Anyways, I'm strongly opposed to non-secular arguements in secular matters. And yes, non-religious marriage IS a non-secular matter.