Xia Zou

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San Mateo, CA, United States

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Xia Zou was born in Wuhan, China, and spent the greater portion of her formative years adapting to life as a “serial” immigrant. (She has lived in China, Canada, the United States, and Italy.) Long fascinated by the meditative practice of “being/becoming/pretending,” her works often play with notions of identity and process, and asks: Who gets to say who we are? What holds us back? What pushes us forward?

Intimate, lyrical, improvisational and emotively charged, her pieces come from a multidisciplinary approach. Both a poet and a classically-trained pianist, often her pieces appear more song-like than technical–reflecting an organic process of creation rooted in a deep sense of connection to the moment. She works in a variety of media, most usually: charcoal, pastel, oil bar, acrylic, and digital formats.

She currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, where she is working on a large portrait series, "Mixed-Up.” She received her B.A. from U.C.L.A. and has shown in San Francisco at the “About Face” exhibition, the 24th Street Gallery, and regularly participates at MAPP (Mission Art Performance Project, a community art’s based project in San Francisco).


Chinese, English, Italian

Areas of Expertise

Art (Protraits), Coaching, Design, Teaching, Care taking

An idea worth spreading

You mean other than TED? 1) Making each others dreams, which are really our hearts gifts of service to humanity and this world become stronger and more real each day. 2) Random but can dramatically increase the quality of life for caregivers and patients: hospital beds with devices that allow patients to use the bed as a restroom (think cholera era beds but much more versatile and comfortable with an appropriate lack and closing) , so they don't need to get up or use "disposable" briefs and cleaning. 3) Access to University education knowledge and research that is easy to access and free.

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Art, Expression, Stepping Up, Sharing, Exploring, Understanding, Anthropology, Business, Interior Design, Volunteering, Awe-Inspiring journeys and moments, Fashion...



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Ideas, things you are passionate about and why, what you want your legacy to be, how you're going to inspire the world, or how you came about enlightenment...yes, you can also talk to me about shoes!

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Xia Zou
Posted over 3 years ago
WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.
This first one would be the best gift someone could give me or that I could pass on to future generations (outside of what I create with my hands in the literal sense). 1) University/Academia is one of the most amazing places I've had the privilege to spend time at. The wealth of knowledge is spectacular. It can also be dense and difficult to access. I have a dream that it could be 1) Free and accessible to all, that is maybe you can't get the degree, but you can get the syllabus, see the lecture notes, buy the books, and it's all available and easy to access, so that we can all have that kind of supreme understanding, which leads to better actions, and better people. 2) That there is a second component that allows for some of the best of insights gained from research, to be shared, much like TED. Essentially, that universities adopt a TED like format to research presentations, and that these "findings" also address broader applicability issues. Essentially I'd like the world to be more connected. Artists, scholars, business people, philanthropists etc., we should be all working together, because as good as we are, we need each other to step up and to do the things that are being called to face in this new age. 2) Be a spectacular innovative artist that really touches and moves her "community" 3) Be an activist especially in the areas of environmentalism and compassionate action. 4) Be good company (ongoing, simple, but maybe the most essential thing in living). And when something else is called for, give them incredible. 5) Living more in Samadhi (or as Maharshi would say, residing in the "self").