Mark Vadasz

West Columbia, SC, United States

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Quantum physics; I personally feel very fortunate to live in an age where such theories are not simply dismissed. In fact finding TED brought great joy to me once I realized there was a hub for learning about what we commonly refer to as "the big questions." I'm an observer and an introvert. I love to see the process behind which decisions are made or things came to exist. Probability, and the way it reacts with the universe, intrigues me more than about anything.

An idea worth spreading

"People are about as happy as they choose to be" -Abraham Lincoln. The truth of how we are able to determine our own perception should be spread more than butter on toast.

I'm passionate about

Helping people be happy. It urks me a bit when people make themselves unhappy, and having been through a long process of personal transformation I realize now that it's a choice.

Talk to me about

Probability as a force, love, ideas, the connection between the mind and the universe. Anything Bill O'Reilly would hate, basically (kidding, I'm sure we see eye to eye on some things).

People don't know I'm good at

Helping other people. The hardest part of getting help is asking, which unfortunately the first step. You usually won't accidentally let someone know you want help.

Comments & conversations

Mark Vadasz
Posted almost 3 years ago
Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds
That was one of the most influential and perspective-changing lectures I've ever heard. I never even thought that people think in words, I only see movies and vast virtual reality simulations in my mind. The very reason I like working with and learning about computers is the simple pleasure of imagining the Tron-like world (to be fair Tron has nothing on my mind images) locked within the circuits. I see the data, in the form of signals and transceivers, move back and forth within the working machine. It didn't even take long to imagine up a new kind of computer processor that uses light instead of electrical signals on a silicon chip with transistors. I really have a complex plan for this new, light-based processor and would like to see it come to fruition. I need help, though. I don't know how to make this idea into reality. I have to impress the right people and convince them to lend me money based on my research. If anyone is willing to collaborate with me, any help would be appreciated. May I just say thank you to Temple Grandin for her wonderful lecture. I truly have changed tonight.