About Akaarir


Arabic, English, French

Areas of Expertise

Graphic and visual arts, Drawing, Electronic Circuits

An idea worth spreading

Having a new subject at every school which is "Art Of Innovation" where we teach for different generations coaching and give them a free time to do something in any domain the most importing is the act of thinking and the volonty of doing.

I'm passionate about

Everything new at this huge world specially the nanotechnology , i'm a member of a club in my university where we realised robots only i'm passionate in drawing especially manga drawing.

Talk to me about

Well you can talk to me in all themes i'm so open minded i'm always ready to hear you. but i prefer to talk in subject in relation with new technologies and also politics specially in arab world.

People don't know I'm good at

Graphic's art , it's a hard work with a lot of immagination and it's could take several days(3d render pictures) ,even months to have a best result (Animation Films ).

My TED story

It's starts when i was searching some news on the internet ,where i've found the video of Fayssal Hafid "5 qualité qui font échoué à l’école mais réussir dans la vie ". "5 qualities that you can use to failed at school but succes in life " .It was in TEDxCasablanca in 25.09.2010.Since this i decided to know everything about TED and TEDx 's events...

Favorite talks

Comments & conversations

Akaarir Mohamed
Posted over 2 years ago
Thomas Pogge: Medicine for the 99 percent
i think the problem after transform the pharmacy products free it's about the devellopement we will not have a big deveppopement in the domain like free source in informatique the programs in windows concurrence strangly the free system of exploitation like linux aften the numbers of devellopers of linux is more high than the develloppers of linux .
Akaarir Mohamed
Posted over 2 years ago
A Greener Future?
we can' have a green world if its too cheap to have a black world so the things that we have to think about it to have a organisation that owned money to develloped green technology to became cheap after that the capitalist will think to product this technologies