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I am basically a student of third year of engineering in the University of Pune... But keeping profession aside i am a human being who tries to help people and make them feel better and happier because i feel, that in today's world a simple smile is worth of millions..


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Microcontroller Programming

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There is a lot of pain and misery in this world. Sufferings... that force people to think, to consider their own brothers and sisters as their enemies. Pain and Anger against humans and against the different social and political "Systems" that force them to take a wrong path in order to achieve something right or to get somethiing that they feel is their "right".. We cant change the system in one day or end the miseries of people in one moment, but we can atleast take some steps to get a simple smile on their face or develope some sort of systems or give a hand in some sort of technological political and social advancemants that makes their life simpler easier and worth living at a very reasonable cost with minimal efforts...

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Technological, Social and Political advancements taking place all around the globe...


Pune Univerity, India

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Technological Social and Political Issues

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Just roaming about on streets in the evening i always observe people coming back from office and their workplaces tired and exausted. At that time i see that they feel that moving even a single step forward is like walking a thousand miles. When i talk to them i feel like they have lost all their happiness and their life has come to a stand still where they have got burdens of childrens' education, their careers, their parents madical expanses, their household expanses and what not with an added load of workload and further added load of daily problems like increasing fares of petrol and cooking gas, increasing house rents, increasing prices of fruits vegetables etc etc.. At that time i feel that today common man has lost all his happiness and even if we get a chance to see a smile on ones face its like getting a treasure of millions. So i thaught of joining a community where i can share my ideas and get new ones to make this world a better place to live in... So here i am with u all.

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Posted over 3 years ago
Should we teach kids how to make programs instead of how to use them?
what i think is that kids should be taught to use programs rather than teaching them how to make them initially... Say if we have to give a presentation on any topic than its always better to use powerpoint application and make a slideshow containing slides representing our views on the topic than making a different program to design a different powerpoint sort of application and then make a slideshow because it would take a good amount of time to do so.. Moreover it is necessary to learn using the presently available programs and softwares for making new ones because not all people (lets take an example here) know the meaning of the function of the commands include or include of C programming software or the meaning and functions of the commands DPTR, CJNE of microcontrollers or the meaning of commands of 'N' no. of other such programs and softwares and for developing sometihing new we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of presently available resources and that can be known only if you know how to use them "Efficiently"....