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Tarpon Springs, FL, United States

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hi! I'm Madeleine (I tend to go by 'Maddy' because it's a syllable less and "more casual"). I have a very weird fascination with blood and the sky. I'm characterized as being "very spacey" and "quirky". I tend to get into weird quasi-philosophical thoughts where I ponder about how temporary - and conversely how permanent - our time is in being alive. I also am obsessed with physics. An underlying law (not sure if you are familiar with physics) is the conservation of energy. In layman's terms, it means that energy cannot be created nor destroyed! So to relate this to what I had just said about being temporary/permanent; We are temporarily active in existence, but we will forever exist.
As aforementioned, I want to be an english major! Most likely, I would like to go into the field of writing. Writing what? ~~who knoWssS~~ I do suffer from slight insomnia but for the many hours I am awake, I tend to write! I am, unfortunately, super self conscious about my writing and will most likely share it with five people max.



I'm passionate about

social equality, life, books, physics, astronomy, and psychology.


St. Petersburg College

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feminism, books, and your hopes/dreams!

People don't know I'm good at

writing! :-)

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Madeleine Acton
Posted almost 2 years ago
Is a purely logical debate possible?
A purely logical debate would be ideal, but the possibility of having one is very low. We are both blessed and cursed with emotions and empathy (for the most part, anyways). When it comes to debates and arguments, eventually some sort of emotion will be rallied up - whether it is a poignant subject matter or it is simple frustration caused by the opposed, emotions uprising are inevitable. However, it is extremely possible to have a debate with logic, emotions, and credibility (also known as pathos, ethos, and logos)! The real trick is finding the equilibrium between the three to make a really sound argument. There is a chance that in the future an argument consisting of solely logos and ethos could exist - but to omit pathos could arguably make us seem less human. As aforementioned, we are both blessed and cursed with emotions, these emotions help shape us as a society and give us characters. In layman's terms, emotions are rather important! So, as lovely and great the sound of a purely logic, it's not possible.
Madeleine Acton
Posted almost 2 years ago
Pilobolus: A dance of "Symbiosis"
I would be lying if I said I haven't watched this multiple times. Something about their performance is so hypnotizing and awe-inspiring. The story is very simplistic with an extremely riveting growth. It is very beautiful to watch! I danced for twelve years, so their dexterity and fluid movements are much appreciated - the two of them are as fluid as a stream!