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I have experienced almost 20 years of life, and ever since I can remember I have had a thirst for knowledge and understanding of everyone and everything. In general I enjoyed elementary through high school, but at the same time I was also very dissapointed and at some points discusted by the method of education, and the undertone of the educational system encouraging people to slack. I for one took school with a grain of salt, but gained as much as I could from it. I didn't care to make %100 on every assignment because I knew I could if I wanted to so i settled with mostly C's and B's(in high school if I liked the teacher i would try harder). I have experimented with many experiences within my span of existance, and I have gained an incredible amount of understanding of everything from art to physics, biology, psychology, anthropology, history, many more, and my spirituality over all. Currently i'm in the process of trying to find exactly what I want to do with a futher education. My understanding is that we are all conected physically and spiritually to all things from subatomic particles to the macro world of the universe. We are the ever expanding cosmic 'stuff' experiencing itself to the extent of concious understanding and that being revealed through our every experience. With that being said I should also say that it is very important that humans as we are now need to be very careful how we direct our energy(spiritual/physical). If we are to continue growing technologically we must find the most sustainable energy source possible and direct it wisely. No more tv's on the side of buildings advertising pointless material obsessions! Technology can be so beautiful and amazing, but we need to make drastic changes in areas such as education, government, currency, compassion, and embrace people as a whole. The reason I go into detail about how I feel about society is because that is a major part of who I am. I love to spred ideas and be optimistic, but at the same time explain that there should be serious caution taken with the extent the human race is capible of now. I don't like materialism and I don't enjoy talking about celebrities.



An idea worth spreading

I would like to hear music everywhere! Weatherproof high quality speakers placed in public by sidewalks, parks, and etc.(blended in to look natural) Also create a database/algorythm/program, that takes all the music that is known throughout the world and somehow analize the people in that specific area(according to clothing/facial expressions/ ethnicity/ age etc.) and play music according to that background information. It could also analize multiple people then take similar and different qualities and come up with a mutually enjoyed music and make everyone happy! =D Scientifically it can be shown that music influences people VERY positively emotionally/mentally/physically through all of those good neurotransmitters transmitting to the brain. Who doesn't love music? There are worldwide known songs and its always good to hear more! A teenager and adult pass each other on a side walk(previously opposing others genre) analize similar quallities, they hear a mutual song with similar sounds

I'm passionate about

Everything and everyone. Possibilities of the future being endless. The optimistic view of possibilities. It is absolutly incredible to think and examine thoughts. What. How. Why.

Talk to me about

Problems on a large scale or a small scale. Consequences of actions. Thought. Science. Cultures.

My TED story

When I found out about this website I was extreamly pleased with how it works. I love education, expression of ideas, thinking, and action, so its perfect for me. Everyday I find something more and more awesome. The iphone app with the Ted radio is an incredible idea.

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Christopher Chalfant
Posted over 2 years ago
What is that we actually DREAM?
I don't always see myself in first person in dreams. It may have to do with the stages of dreaming you are in when you wake up, or the manner you wake up in (abrupt or subtle). I have died in a dream, gone into another dream, and then died and woken up. Falling a lot or things like that may have to do with your physical body (changes or stages) Thats interesting that someone who hasn't sensed falling can in a dream. I believe thinking to that extent(which is awesome), you should search within Yourself for that type of understanding.
Christopher Chalfant
Posted over 2 years ago
Are we ready to intimately embrace technology that will support our quality of life?
I believe at this point in time we must use our technology very decisively. It has been used all throughout our history more and more, then just recently within the past 100 years it has grown exponentially allong with our population. With great power comes great responsibility. As an anthropologist, we must consider other cultures around the world and how or if they wish to use new technology. As a geologist, we must consider the impact it has on the environment, sustainability, and how we direct our energy in general. As a psychologist and spiritualist, we must consider the impact it has on the human psyche, because certain technologies could steer us into being a material oriented society instead of being a person oriented society. I do not believe we should be physically relient on technology at this point, because we are not far enough along Not to have a back up from natural disasters. If we, as a society starting now, were to go 50 or 75 years with an extremely life changing technology, one that changed every second of our lives, it would be very difficult if not impossible to transition back to before.