Elorm Fiifi Tamakloe

General Manager/Marketing&management consultant , BeyondSoft Ghana Limited
Accra-Ghana, Ghana

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I'm a young business entrepreneur who loves God and music and movies and meeting new and old people no matter the color or age or gender or size or ability or otherwise etc. and driving and travelling around because its my idea generating hub and hope to make the whole a better place for everybody by blessing those who need help with what God has blessed me with in the process putting my country Ghana on the map.Hope to get to meet people through TED and share ideas.i believe everybody has something to bring to the table.



Areas of Expertise

Marketing + Branding + Management + Leadership

I'm passionate about

God,music,travelling,meeting new people,sharing my thoughts and ideas with people,innovation, business,making a difference in the life of people who before then had no hope.

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Elorm Fiifi Tamakloe
Posted about 3 years ago
How do we reform education?
Depending on where one finds him/her-self the education curricula differs but the basic thing education should do is to save its student from the illness of ignorance, improve and refine their creativity set and eventually make life beautiful for them.everybody is got something to bring to the table so education should help find and refine those ideas and creativity sets,help to brand/package it well for the right market.That what education should do and i believe some schools are trying to do it or are already doing.