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I graduated from a town of 2k and a class for 40 (we were consider a large class; the one after me had 27). I've worked in politics and then found my way to TED where I started out on the TED Prize team. Today, I'm on the TED Fellows team; if you see Tom Rielly, I'm sure to follow.



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Books, books, books, books..., LGBT Politics, Politics & current affairs, TED Fellows, TED Book Club

An idea worth spreading

One of my favorite things TED does is Ads Worth Spreading. In a society bombarded by commercial propaganda, we desperately need to change the tone and direction of our advertising industry. Why just sell a product when you can promote an idea? Also...let's make Election Day a national holiday. And while I'm at it, let's get rid of the penny.

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Politics, film, books, conversation, finding the best restaurants in NYC, advertising, ads


SUNY Buffalo

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TED Books, films, politics, TED Fellows, TED Book Club, LGBT issues, advertising, ads

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uninterrupted sleep

My TED story

I came to work for TED on a complete fluke. In fact, the story is pretty fun, and as with most stories in my life, it involves another TED employee; Jordan Reeves. Ask me all about it in person! :-)

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Corey Mohr
Posted about 3 years ago
What's one thing you wish you had learned in school?
That authority needs to be questioned; rules need to be replaced; boundaries need to be redrawn; and that yesterday's thinking won't solves tomorrows challenges. Our schools all too often focus on conformity and containment, what is proper and what is past - not nearly enough on what we don't yet know - schools are too concrete.