Gurleen Singh

Westborough, MA, United States

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Gurleen Singh
Posted almost 4 years ago
Conversation with Simon Lewis: How do we make the most of our Consciousness?
I guess the problem is in most cases getting every thing easily ... If we dont have to work for it , its makes stuff soo much easier ... Dont have to use our brains much, Our parents play a vital role here... Some parents give some dont give :- The Parents who give have to give most of the time , becouse there is no end to needs.. The Parents who dont give , dont give proper reasoning on why they are not giving them every thing they want ... What could be the best way would be telling them they need to work hard for it (Setting rules and Tasks) , that would make our kids think more and ask more questions which in most cases is a good thing for there mental development .. The concept of every thing does not come easy should be interduced to them early in life ...