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Chennai, India

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Nikhila Vijaybhaskar
Posted almost 3 years ago
When was your 'Eureka' moment?
I had my Eureka moment 3 months ago.. I'm studying engineering and i've been having this gut feeling that this is not what I'm supposed to be doing. It happened during a lab session. A new faculty member asked us to introduce ourselves with by name, the place we belong to and what we would be doing 5 years down the lane. I couldn't think of anything solid to say for the last question. One of my classmates replied that she would become a fashion designer. That statement hit me like a bolt of thunder.. Since i was young I've had an aptitude and passion for writing. Due to many reasons I stopped and almost gave up following my heart. I had resigned myself to think that I had continue for the rest of my life in my current field of study. I had not allowed myself to think that there could be other avenues open and that it was never too late. But my classmate had dared to think beyond what she was doing now. What she said brought all my hope flooding back and at that moment, sitting in the lab, i decided what i would do with my life from that moment on. Suddenly everything was crystal clear to me. Even thought i knew it would be an uphill task, i realized that it would be a task I would love doing. I could contribute something worthwhile only if i was working on something which I loved doing. From that day on, I started reading books again, started solving crosswords, started rebuilding my vocabulary. It has transformed me totally and turned me into this happy, positive person and I am able to take better decisions and make better choices. Before this moment, all thoughts of future used to be very bleak and uncertain, but now, it is filled with colour and seems very inviting. Sunny side up :)