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Bronx, NY, United States

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Ross Garlick
Posted almost 4 years ago
What are a few things your country could learn from other countries?
As a British student studying in the US, I have been amazed at the stance many Americans take on public transport such as Trains. Even in New York, with the most complete public transport system in the country, many people would rather drive to neighboring states to visit places such as Boston or D.C. The trains themselves need improving (especially their reliability), but it is the American mentality that it is inferior to take a train that has surprised me the most. I understand the theory that Americans see public transportation as a restriction to their freedoms, but an efficient public transport system has the ability to spread wealth, lower emissions, increase productivity and even increase personal utility if implemented properly. I am not suggesting that Britain has the perfect system, but for the most developed economy in the world I believe America really can and should do better. Big investment in upgrading and expanding the rail network could also provide a much needed boost to the economy as well.