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Wim Ombelets
Posted about 3 years ago
Could Mowed Lawns & Agriculture be the end of the bees?
I recently saw a documentary on this where bee keepers were interviewed. Those of them who were affiliated to a research division of a Dutch university (and that was, in itself, indirectly funded by Bayer - try and keep up) claimed it was a natural occurrence... a 'fluctuation' in bee populations. Strangely, and much to my interest, all of the others were convinced a certain pesticide (or herbicide, I can't remember) made by that very same Bayer was to blame for catastrophic illness and subsequent mass deaths in bee populations (at least as far as the Netherlands were concerned). Apparently it's a chemical used for spraying e.g. golf courses in order to keep them free of any weeds. Here in Belgium, the decline of the honey bee population is just as apparent, so unless a newly introduced natural enemy of the honey bee is directly responsible for this mass extinction (maybe 'disappearance' is a better choice of words since we're not stumbling over piles of dead bees), I'm inclined to believe the independent bee keepers. Lots of chemical compounds have been created in the course of our recent history that have proved detrimental when introduced into an ecosystem. Why would this be any different.