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Wide Area Network Acceleration

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Ideas, design, and community. The under utilized intelligence of the "group mind". Imaginary numbers: and how this "make sense" in our tactile physical world.

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Cere Davis
Posted about 3 years ago
LIVE TED Conversation: Join TED Speaker Eli Pariser
I may be a little off on the specifics of this, but I think that, over time, "relevance" indicators will hopefully evolve to take into account more granular data. For example, HTML5 enables more possibilities for algorithmically tracking sub-elements in html pages (yes, I know there are privacy issues to consider here...). If those sub-elements are better tracked, it can improve the overall heuristic that informs what pages "get it" to your information bubble. That said, it seems that there could also be better ways to allow the user to pro-actively inform the filters via a new web based framework/standards that currently do not exist. For example, there should be a better way for users to give feedback about the link relevancy of certain elements of a page rather than the page as a whole. If HTML allowed this, it would be nice the "like" a single sentence of a page rather than a whole article, etc, and then have the like weighted based on some standard. Alas we're not quite there yet where HTML/HTTP standards and ontology are concerned.
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Cere Davis
Posted over 3 years ago
What is the greatest security challenge facing humanity today?
The greatest threats to our security as a global society, I believe, stem from issues related to natural resource limitations, distribution and allocation. I might also say that bad governance is to blame but I suspect that the corruption of governance also stems from conflicts that arise due to resource contention. How we tackle those problems more specifically??... is an entirely different question - whose answer would require greater thought and research.