Nadezhda Trofimenko

Teacher English
Khartsyzsk, Ukraine

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English, Russian, Ukrainian

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Language & Communication, Language Teaching Innovations, Language Teaching, English teaching, Ukrainian Filology

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Personal Development, Learning Languages, Language matters, Writting essays, Reading, Literature, Eloquence, Climbing, Traveling

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Nadezhda Trofimenko
Posted almost 4 years ago
Why do you 'clap' or 'applaud' a talk or performance? For what reasons?
Personaly I clap when I feel that the performance (a play, a lecture, whatever it was) touched me, particularly if I agree with the speaker on some points. And it turns out that actually I clap to myself, to my thoughts that were spoken out loud by someone! That's a fun, isnt't it? I've realised it only now. Thanks for such a thought-provoking question.