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Thunder Bay, On, Canada

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J Stewart
Posted almost 4 years ago
Save millions of trees per year by celebrating Xmas W/O a tree, or by renting Living Christmas Trees with their roots intact, NOT CUT TREES.
I really don’t think that trees are the problem with xmas. As someone mentioned, light pollution, energy consumption and useless gifts are the real issue. As a forester in Ontario, Canada, I have seen first hand what our needs for wood fibre can do to forested ecosystems. Along with xmas tree harvesting, it's not the act of cutting down trees that is the problem, its what we do with the land after. Technically, using trees as a carbon sink, harvesting and burying them, we are technically capturing the carbon that we are told will be the death of our world. And if the xmas trees are being grown on abandoned farm land, then good on the farmers. If you want to blame xmas trees for the destruction of our forested lands and the world as a ecosystem, you need to get out and see what FSC certified "forests" as they are called, look like. Just for the record, I do not feel we should call what was a forest that was harvested, scarified and planted a forest. It’s called a farm and it causes the same adverse effects to our world as what most people would call a farm.