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I live with my 5 kids and over 2000 organic fruit trees on our farm in Southern California. I love my kids and community. I love curiosity. I invest money carelessly in trying amazing ideas. I consult for start-up biomed companies and serve on scientific advisory boards. I'm nobody - still wide-eyed. I'm somebody - cool professional credentials. I listen to books at high speed. I sing out loud in the operating room and in my head.

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Vance Johnson
Posted over 3 years ago
What is the Future of Surgery, given that surgeons resist the costs (financial, training, proficiency) of radical changes in procedures?
One of the main factors affecting the speed of change in a system is the speed of feedback. If doctors could get outcomes/consequence feedback faster there would be greater pressure/incentive to change behavior. My Dad, a spine surgeon now retired, cut open peoples backs to decompress their spinal canals. Today we would say his patients had long difficult recoveries. There are many surgeons still doing it the same old way. I now do the same decompression through a 5mm portal under 3D guidance. My patients go home the same day able to do activities of daily living. The technology I use has been around for more than ten years but only about 400 doctors are using it in the USA for this purpose. It gives measurable feedback of decompression live during the operation. That feedback significantly directs my operation. I have tracking systems to take in data on just about any part of the process and outcome I can think of. I don't know which data sets will show useful trends so I observe widely. Solution: Better faster feedback via simple graphic user interfaces.