Michelle Leong Francis

Strategic HR Consultant, Org Effectiveness, TTG Group of Companies
Toronto, Canada

About Michelle Leong


A published writer, noteworthy keynote and entrepreneur Michelle has written for trade magazines; sales, marketing, financial services and cultural. She has been recognized for her innovative creation of Kidzpirit International Network and has been interviewed by The Canadian Sport Hall of Fame, Parent Talk TV and various colleges. Michelle is an accomplished speaker and former professor of business, marketing and not for profit fund development. Michelle has mentored students, internationally educated professionals and domestic entrepreneurs of accredited associations and shared with them her insights on success and realities of lessons learned. Michelle's achievements have been showcased by her most recent venture as Expert Professional in a higher learning video, amongst historical greats Alvin Curling former Liberal MPP and Neil Hetherington, CEO Habitat for Humanity.

Areas of Expertise

HR Coaching and Mentoring, Strategic Relationship Marketing, Financial Literacy, Cross Cultural Competency, Social Media / Social Networking Sites

An idea worth spreading

Kidzpirit International Network - The right programming, delivered through the right vehicle, at the right time, equals Kidzpiritâ„¢ Network.
Our focus is to deliver learning opportunities that build self awareness and support youth to experience first experience employment, not ‘survival of the fittest’ or ‘no experience, no chance’ barriers.
The world has changed and traditional education and school councils are no longer able to solely support it. Our kids require leadership and business programming aligned with what is needed to demonstrate their brilliance and acquire competencies to be financially independent.

I'm passionate about

Youth Development - Leadership, Finanical Literacy & Entrepreneurship

Talk to me about

Dreaming Big ... Living Bigger.

People don't know I'm good at

Being Still... okay, not good yet. More like, so-so and in-training. But, I make a mean spaghetti dish in the back woods, yes, with river water.

My TED story

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38-Zq5fG9b4&feature=related My big dream to attend a Ted Conference and host my own event. Share my against all odds story ... from cradle to [to be continued]

Comments & conversations

Michelle Leong Francis
Posted over 2 years ago
What are your questions about the new TED-Ed website? Conversation with TED-Ed staff!
I think this is a great idea. There are so many great untapped and silent yet powerful minds out there, that provide such inspiration and wisdom in their own world that desperately needs to be shared globally. Cannot wait to listen and share, contribute and learn! Question. Will there be some type of vetting or eligibility process? How will the organic natue of the process be maintained while ensuring the integrity of the content? Do contributor need to b 'official' educators?
Michelle Leong Francis
Posted about 3 years ago
What does the term "Educativity" mean to you and how can it contribute to our understanding of schools in the 21st century?
Honestly, I almost googled the word, then thought its okayif I do not know. I do not. Ithough for a minute having taken a sobatical from eacing I missed a new theory, concept or inteligence. I think education always need to be creative. Infact, it needed and stil does need to be customized to a degree. Ou children, YOuth and adults for that mtter are al different and the changing of our maket places, households and values require us to embrass creativity in order for people to be ignited and find thei passion and life calling.