Edwin Kiama

Social Entrepreneur, Social Media Activist on Governance, Equity, Twenty Thirty Ventures Ltd.
Nairobi, Kenya

About Edwin


My Social Enterprise, Twenty Thirty Ventures Ltd. is a more-than-profit transformational organisation that aspires to engage in activities that are geared towards fostering a socio-cultural order that binds Kenyans by engaging in social cultural activities that are a celebration of being Kenyan. We believe that there is a strength that comes from diversity, and from unity and it is time to channel it positively for the enhancement of our Nationhood.

Our commodity is attitude change for the whole nation. We intend to partner with the government and government institutions, professional associations, NGOs, CBOs, youth organizations, corporate institutions, faith based organizations and many other players engaged in positively looking for solutions to our challenges as a nation to creatively chart new and exciting ways that are profitable as well as ethical and socially transformational.

We intend to change the way Kenyans think and react to challenges and situations by engaging in out of the box solution seeking for solving traditional challenges. We are seeking to tap into the Kenyan indefatigable spirit of enterprise, hard work, creativity and innovation plus a ‘never give up’ attitude. We are not aiming to re-invent the wheel, we just want to look at our challenges and possible solutions from a different view point.

Desired Social Impact

Inspired by the 4th Guiding Principle of Kenya vision 2030, Twenty Thirty Ventures Ltd. aims to engage in interventions that will contribute to formulation, popularization and adoption of generally accepted national set of values and social institutions that promote equity, national unity and cohesion, and an attitude change necessary to combat the vices that inhibit national development like corruption, impunity and negative ethnicity.

We recognizes that it is crucial at this stage of national rebirth to set a character benchmark with which current and future generations of Kenyans will vet appropriate leadership and patriotism for the benefit of all.

Defining the values that make us Kenyan.

Using live examples to positively change the way our communities measure success.

Creatively rebuild positive attitudes about Kenyans’ history and achievements.


English, Swahili

Areas of Expertise

Graphic Arts, Change Agent, Social Media & Digital Activism, Social Entrepreneurship & Social Re-Engineering

An idea worth spreading

Accepting that corruption and impunity are the root causes of our disharmony and inequity as a Kenyan people, it is our strong believe that many of our social and political challenges can be solved through a more proactive approach than the reactive approach that many institutions in non-governmental, private and public sectors are pursuing. Our government and other institutions have programmes that try to solve or alleviate existing problems afflicting our people after their occurrence instead of addressing attitude change among the people as the necessary radical surgery needed to realise that solutions exist within themselves. Our theory of change is based on a belief that solutions need to come from the people themselves and should be people driven, value based approaches other than institution top down approaches. That in fact the solutions already exist all around us. We should empower the people to be solution seekers and providers, not net consumers of canned solutions.

I'm passionate about

Kenya, Kenyans and Africa's potential. I believe soon Africans will put right perennial governance and human right deficiencies and then we shall rise. I intend to be a driver for that change.

Talk to me about

I am a creative visionary, spiritual and a fearless change maker who believes that we will solve the challenges that face human kind through infinite courage only if every one of us is a change agent.

People don't know I'm good at

Creatively conceptualising ideas and finding solutions to various challenges. I have an uncanny ability to predict trends and identify opportunities almost three years before they become a reality.

My TED story

“If I have been able to see a little further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants,” Sir Isaac Newton

A people without heroes are a people without a conscience. A lack of conscience is a sign of a decadent society. Without recognizing our true heroes, holding them up high for all to see, and rewarding them for setting standards for all to emulate and especially our youth, we shall continue glorifying corrupt political and business leaders at the detriment of our society. We need to develop a set of true Kenyan values and taboos that we can pass on to future generations. We intend to identify recognize and reward Kenyan achievers in all aspects of the Kenya society. Our mission is to inspire a Kenyan society in which the true worth and character of a Kenyan person, team or organization will be judged only by the impact of their contribution towards realizing, nurturing and improving the functional, holistic and representative essence of Kenyan society.

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Edwin Kiama
Posted over 3 years ago
NGO and Civil Society Organisations Funding for Africa - Could visionary innovators be funded directly?
Thanks Laurens for the reply! I agree with the ideals behind the work NGOs are meant to do and the contrasts with business. Note in my explanation I do mention 'brilliant concept papers'. I however see very little impact where I am, in Kenya. An example is a slum in Nairobi known as Kibera. There are a 10s maybe hundreds of NGOs that have been active in that slum for the last 30 years to try and raise the residents from abject poverty. They are still trying to date, millions of dollars later!
Edwin Kiama
Posted over 3 years ago
What would you do if you had 30,000 USD to spend on developing a countryside village? What's your plan?
- For my idea to work the villagers would continue existing as they are today while we set up demonstrational economic activities that they can adopt within 2 years - Establish and legally register a merry-go-round of each saving scheme of which every husband and wife and youth over 18 years old are members and share holders. - Donate $2,000 towards the set-up and administration costs - Employ the university graduates from the community as managers for this saving scheme. - Get the villagers to agree on a standard and comfortable weekly contribution to the scheme - Hire two agricultural experts to be stationed in the village, or alternatively sponsor some of the graduates from the community for training in farming techniques - Identify land that can be used for irrigation, commercial egg production, rearing of capons, pig rearing, rabbit rearing and fish farming. - Set up an egg production unit with 200 layers - Set up a capon production unit with 250 chickens - Set up a rabbit production unit with one buck and two does - Set up a pig sty for 30 pigs and stock with a one male and two females - Set up a fish pond capable of producing 250 units every three months All the above 5 ventures should cost around $6,000 - $10,000 Cultivate 5 acres of land for horticultural production of tomatoes, cabbages, onions, paw paws, butter nuts, strawberries, French beans with the appropriate irrigation infrastructure inclusive of labour (use local labour) - $3,000 Establish a water purification and bottling unit in the village - Build a bus/truck stop next to the road by the restaurants - $3,000 build a dispensary and sanitary facilities near the two restaurants and hire a clinical officer. Set up two fresh produce shops next to the restaurants by the highway - $6,000 remains for contingency All the above economic activities are complimentary in food and fertiliser production. There is also a chance to interest the truck and buses in stopping adding to income.
Edwin Kiama
Posted almost 4 years ago
Are African countries capable of managing their own affairs like politics and it's entire sector?
The West is still managing our affairs through proxy like World Bank, IMF, equity funds, philanthropic organisations, UN Agencies, NGOs ect. The Western model was/is driven by an insatiable appetite for debt has failed, yet our current African economies are being driven by the same model! Like the Far East, Africa will only rise after it takes down the yoke of these neo colonialist institutions and takes charge of its own destiny. We need to take risks, fail, rise and try again, alone, till we get it right. We have to be courageous and innovative, just as the West was.