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Luize Avrigeanu
Posted over 3 years ago
When it comes to vaccine intervention for disease control, should personal liberty go before the benefit to society?
it is really increddible how we do tend to impose things to everybody and how we are ready to adhere by certain things/ideas/solutions because that agency or corporation has supported it... it appears that the vaccine is not reliable and it was another way to make money for the pharmaceutical company marketing it and lobyying your government to approve it... they have tested it on human "cobays" young girls who were tricked into it by ignorant schools.... and not having enough information - but information as knowledge is dangerous for the companies in it for the money I understand (?!) that infant vaccines are given also by "choice" - I do not recall the doctor obliging me to vaccinate my son but I did it ... why now are we so in into a vaccine which has no guaranties that is working... - from 80% in the beginning they have revised this purcentage to less than 50%... the HPV is not an epidemic - not even H1N1 was not a pandemic as they wanted to frighten us - the same is now FEAR FACTOR - and this is reality and not a TV show...