Ting-Ying Tsai

Software Engeener, HTC
Taipei, Taiwan

About Ting-Ying


Chinese, English, Taiwanese

Areas of Expertise

Computat Science Engineering, Computer Sciecne and engineering

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about every topics. I would like to diversify my interest. Of course, I am most interesting in good lecture. That's why I end up in here, TED.


Ming Chuan University

Talk to me about

Everything!!! Please talk to me or share to me everything, then I can learn more. I will be less prejudiced or biased. World Peace

People don't know I'm good at

Actually, the good thing about myself which others don't know about is that I am very curious and passionate about learning every new things. Of course, Sharing is one of my thing as well. Love TED~

My TED story

For the time being, I may not have any TED story to share with you. But I am very looking forward to the future to have a good story. personal story to share with to inspire people. One day in the future, I may be able to share or do some good speech in the TED's conference.

Favorite talks