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Brought up in New Zealand, Venezuela, Peru, Italy, The Philippines and then further lived in various areas of Italy, England, Spain and the US, my background is pretty vast, my postgraduate education started at IULM, in Milan, Italy, was completed in London, at UNL, with a degree in English and Spanish literature and got a little refresher with a Master in Literary Translation from Italian into English.
I have now recently moved to Cambridge, a city I am absolutely head over heels in love with, and hope to stay for a few years, with my beloved three children and husband and dog and two kittens.
Yes we are a big family.


English, Italian, Spanish

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Individual Responsibility. Leaders, societies, organizations can only hope to reflect something we already create or believe in our individual lives. Live as you'd like the world to function.

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Valentina Diana
Posted over 5 years ago
Charles Fleischer: All things are Moleeds
I have just finished translating the subs for this talk, and I have to disagree vehemently with the comment. He answers the question as to why he only starts as late as minute 13 to "get to the point" himself: he doesn't want people (presumably the wider audience who is NOT already a mathematician or maths fan) to get bored. Also, he says, I am not a scientist, I'm a comedian, which is why in the beginning he makes his appeal to the people who work in these contexts to "clean things up" and, as I understand it, to "share the knowledge with a greater audience". I always loved maths, but was always absolutely hopeless in it. My son seems to be heading in quite a different direction, and is a real fan of the Golden Ratio: it's people like Charles, and that kind of spirit, that will ensure my son continues into adolescence and will still think cool (and funny) is perfectly compatible with deep maths. For this I thank him.